Scryptid Games started in a remote cabin somewhere in the Catskill Mountains of southeastern New York. There, we five friends, gathered from all over the east coast, gazed up at the stars, circled around a bonfire on the last night of a writing and gaming retreat.

We talked about the games we had played, the games we wanted to play, and the games we wanted to see in the world. We lamented that we were not in a position to make those games happen. But then again, weren’t we? What was holding us back? And there, under the stars, lit by flame, we resolved to forge, in secret, that most perilous of things: a game company. 

Little did we know, something strange was watching us from the shadows. Something that would follow us long after we left…

Today, we are proud to publish innovative narrative games that encourage aspirational, immediate, and collaborative storytelling—games that demand a shift in how literature and gaming are defined. We are Scryptid Games.

  • Dustin Blottenberger

    Dustin (he/him) is a writer, editor, artist, and game designer living in the woodsy ‘burbs near Baltimore, MD. He created his first role-playing game at 8 years old: X-Men, the RPG (unpublished). It was a real hot mess. These days, he is interested in creating games and stories about found family, polyamory, and casting rad spells. He can be found on social media @NeverSayDustin.

  • Nat Mesnard

    Nat (they/them) is a writer, game designer, and teacher based in New York City’s East Village. When Nat isn’t writing POV-bending literary fiction or drafting queer TTRPG zines, they can be found doing pull ups on the monkey bars at Tompkins Square Park. Find Nat’s games on itch.io and connect @natmesnard on Twitter & Instagram.

  • Tiffany Salter

    Tiffany (she/her) is a game maker, writer, editor, and educator in Maine. She plays games of all kinds—having grown up with a deep love of cribbage, word games, board games, and logic puzzles, and later moving into TTRPGs. Her current game projects range widely in form and topic: from birds in speedos to archive organization and from teddy bears to justice for the Jabberwocky. You can check out her itch.io here.

  • Patrick Watson

    Patrick (he/him) is a writer, teacher, and game designer living in the East Village of NYC. He’s been playing and making games for nearly 20 years and his favorites are good and weird. Like, wizards with crummy corporate jobs and radioactive dogs weird. Find him @patrickdkwatson.

  • Brigitte Winter

    Brigitte (she/her) is a writer, photographer, and game designer based in Maryland. She is also the Executive Director of Young Playwrights’ Theater, a DC-based company that inspires young people to realize the power of their voices through storytelling. The capacity of storytelling to connect, inspire, and incite is central to Brigitte’s art and her activism. She consumes and creates stories and games that are queer, feminist, intimate, and deliciously weird. You can connect with her on Instagram @bwinterose and play her games on itch.io.

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